So you came to check out the goodies, huh?

Not that kind…okay, maaaaybe that kind. But before you peek under this skirt, we have a very important announcement to make. Ahem…


Because strategy matters.
Because consistency matters.
And because if you don’t carve out your own path in the entrepreneurial forest,
you’ll be a tree falling and no one will hear you.

Shamelessly is a witty, action-inducing hub to help you do exactly that — build an actual business that takes actual risks and gets actually noticed.

Because this life is too short (and you’re certainly too smart) to beg for it.

That’s why Shamelessly
is where the cool kids hang out.

The big-hearted, infectious, slightly messy, always determined,
playful, kind, super-supportive, strong, real, cracked-wide open, all ages, colors, and stages in their business,
kind of cool kids.

And since you made it here, past the Shamelessly Google search
(that probably led you to a porn site), we are 1000% percent certain:

So if…

You want to amp up your ability to stand the hell out OR you’re ready to ditch the inner drama keeping you from really killing it in your online business OR you truly want to make waves in your business and life without that whole criticism and comparison thing.

All in the company of the fierce and freshest solopreneurs and small business owners on the block,then you’ve met your match.

Who created this place?

Hi there! I’m Allie LeFevere, brand strategist, systems fanatic,
small business advocate, and founder of this place.

I created Shamelessly + this dope community for entrepreneurs like YOU.
Those committed to building their brand so high, they not only feel like home in their business, but they blow the damn roof off it.


My Story.


All my life I’ve been a neon pleather outfit in a sea of sensible suits. 

As in literally.

I once wore a chartreuse pleather shirt and jacket to meet with my hometown’s Board of Education. I was there repping my high school Student Council and when we collectively took a seat around the boardroom table, the sound of my clothing was so loud it caused me and our class prez to go into a laughing jag that nearly brought down the damn building.

BUT our hysterics became the warm opener for what was sure to be the coldest, stalest snoozefest in the history of meetings. AND 15 years later if you polled the folks from that room, I bet 96% of them would remember my silly-ass outfit.

The point? Standing out has so many perks.  

But it ain’t always easy. It takes guts and nerve and a heavy helping of “I don’t care what you think—Imma do me.”

And more than anything—it takes help. 

For most of the last decade, I was a self-worth expert (read: fanatic) working with women to love themselves unapologetically and enthusiastically no matter how long they’ve been their own opponent. And that business stemmed from a difficult time in my youth where standing out brought me a ton of pain (and an illness that brought me to my knees).

I created programs + courses that brought together 8,000+ women, held sold-out workshops and spoke on panels across the globe, built an email following of 23K with another 18K on social, and even worked with bigwig companies (Dell, KIND, AT&T, Trunk Club, etc.) to develop programs for and teach content to the women leaders at the tip-top of their organization.

And while that was incredibly fulfilling (and certainly the full circle of my own healing), a nagging concept kept coming to the surface: STANDING OUT.

Deep in my background bones (before my self-help biz fling), was this hankering and knack for helping people show the hell up in whatever they’re doing—so they make a wave that ripples and so people wanna ride it. 

I spent 6 years working at the world’s leading consulting firms in customer experience and talent acquisition answering these big sexy questions— How do you create a brand that people are banging down the damn doors to be a part of? A brand so strong that it leaves your competitors chasing after your tailwind? A brand that people brag about, rave about, obsess about?

Then, I skipped on over to a start-up where I held my ranks as the VP of Engagement. Translation: leading the strategy for every single thing that touched the customer. From identifying customer acquisition channels to engaging our customers through creative email campaigns, actionable video content, and witty social media posts to making sure they stick around (i.e. keep excitedly buying our shit) to the vibe and words of our brand to implementing sick new technology that kept our customer experience at an A+ — that kids, was me.

So it made all the sense in the world that I would pivot from helping people love their self/body to help them love their business enough to stand up for it, advocate for its place in the world, and whip up strategies that actually addressed its problems. 

The same hangups and holdbacks that impact the trajectory of someone’s life, impact the trajectory of someone’s business — vague plans of action, half-assed ideas, and an obsession with playing by someone else’s rules.

Different vessel, same issues.

So now I get my rocks off by teaching you: HOW TO STAND UP FOR YOUR BUSINESS SO YOU CAN STAND THE HELL OUT. 

(yes, I’m shouting.)

I leverage all my big creative thinking, strategic marketing skillz, fanaticism for slick branding, and O.B.S.E.S.S.I.O.N. for system (i.e. deploying sickass tech and customer funnels) to give your peeps a bang-up experience through every inch of your biz.

BECAUSE every BUSINESS can have its day in the sun
— if you step out of the damn dark.

Out of the darkness of weak business strategies, copycat branding, and fear-based execution.

And I say this because I GET YOU. I know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur with big dreams! exciting ideas! well-intentioned plans!  And to also be SHITTING MY PANTS because it’s f#cking hard to get a business off the ground. 

But you don’t want any business, you want a business that falls out of formation and into the arms of your ideal customer.

So let me tell you this—you can be a little LOT scared and (with strategic support) create a stand-out biz from scratch.

And I created Shamelessly to prove it’s possible.

In short — WE GOT THIS.


What else you should know about me:

I love dirty rap music, Indian food and getting lost in a great book (hence I read 65+ a year). I swooped up a Psych and Communication degree from Michigan (Go Blue!), as well as more post-grad certificates than I’d care to admit. I’m super into up-cycling furniture and can do some serious damage with a power sander. I’m an experience junkie and travel is my drug. I have a knack for memorizing words to songs I hear once and believe it is my DUTY to dance or sing at least once an hour. I’m a resident Chicagoan, but a Detroit-girl at heart (street cred!). I never turn down a good conversation, which means I’ve never successfully slept on a flight, EVER. And I like to swear (positively of course), so don’t get offended by my s-bombs. I consider them sentence enhancers.

Shamelessly by Allie LeFevere