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Beauty Experiment™ is a DIY, group-supported program to help you build unshakable self-worth in every single area of your life by ditching the b#llshit beliefs, negative chatter, and piss-poor habits that get in your way, while adding in tools and practices to keep your confidence burning like the damn sun.

  • “I truly believe every woman I know, whether she’s comfortable with her body and life or not, should go through this course!”

    – Jessica Stelzer, Just Simply by JS

  • “My favorite part of BE was the ugly crying…just kidding! It feels good to know you’re not the only one going through something and to have the support of other people without judgment. This was just what I needed. And if I’m ever feeling blue, I try to remember Beauty Experiment and go over my notes. It’s still paying me back in a big way. “

    – Carolyn Loyel

  • “I loved everything about it! I have friends that are interested and can’t wait to go through it again. “

    – Diana Schultz

  • “BE was the course I needed to feel truly accepted and loved among other women. It was beautiful to watch barriers I typically have melt away. “

    – Megan Straner

  • “Definitely a life-changing course. I would recommend it to anyone.”

    – Martika Taylor-Gouge

  • “It made me realize that I probably look just as fabulous as those confident and beautiful women I see, but I’m not aware of it. I’m probably cooler than I think I am.”

    – Deb Mendez

  • “Truly, I felt like the whole thing kind of smacked me in the face. I started really resistant and closed-off. Like, “This won’t really help me, but I guess I’ll try it.” But over the course I found myself really on an emotional rollercoaster. I felt vulnerable, uncomfortable, and humbled. It wasn’t all pretty but I think I needed to be shaken up like that. So thank you for creating this. It was really clear how much thought, kindness, and care you put into planning the course.”

    – Rachel C.

  • “I felt positive energy the moment I started the course. It was a special and beautiful experience. “

    – Wanda Castillo

  • “I feel so lucky that I found Beauty Experiment. I’ll never forget the experience, empowerment or friends I met. “

    – Sarah S.

  • “BE was great tool that introduced me to tons of tools to use on the path to Self love. It was an important reminder that I’m not alone in this struggle and I always have resources to help me. “

    – Maggie Winters



Nobody wants to be dragged kicking and screaming into a better life. Because DISASTER.
Therefore, I only coach one-on-one with a handful of ready, willing and cool AF women.

So if you fit the script, read on:

Working together in a One-and-Done Jam Session, I can help you start to:

Shift the biggest excuses, bulliefs (bullshit beliefs) and negative self-talk holding your life back,
as we start to build an unshakable foundation of self-worth and confidence. As well as, whip up the tools and strategies you need to make it (and your big audacious goals) happen.

Because self-worth is the foundation for ANYTHING you aim to become, feel or create in life.
If you don’t believe you deserve better, how can you possibly live better?

Stilllll interested? Please inquire here for availability.

  • “A crazy-sexy entrepreneur to keep an eye on.”

    – Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author and wellness activist

  • “When we talked for the first time, you immediately treated me like we’ve known each other forever. You have an open energy that allows the people around you to feel open, safe and honest. No matter what place you are in your life, working with you is a step in the right direction. You are supportive, relatable and caring. You got me thinking about things in a different way and are that gentle reminder that a few small changes can get me on my feet again.”

    – Casey M.

  • “Since working with you, I’ve gotten a lot of clarity on my goals and the person I want to be. I realize now that I want to live to my fullest potential and not living that way will just keep me stuck in life. I feel like I can take more risks with my life and career. And I am also working REALLY hard to be nicer to myself!”

    – Megan Morrow

  • “Not only do I feel better about myself, I felt like I’m starting to live and feel all emotions more deeply. The increased confidence and self-compassion I gained by in our coaching, helped me let-go of and heal through your guidance support.”

    – Laura Loos

  • “What I love about you is that you can be blunt with me when I need it (boy did I need it!), but you give me the tools and advice to figure it out — your strategies are powerful! Now, my life looks dramatically different — I have created a wildly better life. In fact, every aspect of my life is better. Because of you, I now know me better.”

    – Lauren O’Connell

  • “Working with you has been a fun and insightful joy ride into my deeper self!”

    – Monica Campbell

  • “I immediately felt comfortable talking to Allie and one of my favorite things about her is that she can relate to you. After one session with her she completely changed the way I view and treat myself.”

    – Kelsey B.


coming soon!

When they arrive, you’ll be the first to know. Because we tight like that.

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